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Fee Structure

All fees are expressed in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and are inclusive of GST. The annual school fee for Primary 1 to Primary 6 is S$12,050. Fees are payable over 11 months. The payment schedule is as follows:

Course Fee S$11,200
Materials & Books (per year) S$650
Insurance (per year) S$100
School Online Support (per year) S$100
Total Course Fees Payable:
(Price is inclusive of GST)
No. of Instalments: 11

Instalment Schedule

Instalment1 Schedule Amount (Price is inclusive
of GST)
Date Due2
1st instalment S$1,345 3rd January
2nd instalment S$1,040 1st February
3st instalment S$1,040 1st March
4th instalment S$1,040 1st April
5th instalment S$1,040 2nd May
6th instalment S$1,040 1st June
7th instalment S$1,345 1st July
8th instalment S$1,040 1st August
9th instalment S$1,040 1st September
10th instalment S$1,040 3rd October
11th instalment S$1,040 1st November
Total Course Fees

Miscellaneous Fees

Registration Fee (One-time payment) S$300
Assessment Fee (Only for new students) S$150
Fee for late payment S$50